The author

I was born in a loving family who provided me with everything I needed and more. Unfortunately, big hearts and hard work do not protect you against the ruthlessness of fate, and my father passed away when I was 16. His loss was the first of three major events that would lay the foundation for who I am today.

The second one was permanently moving to a different country. Hopelessly in love and blindly following my heart, little did I know of the challenges I would have to overcome. And yet the thought of going back never really crossed my mind. For as hard as the struggle is sometimes, the life I want for my family is out of reach back home.

The third and most recent event was the birth of my daughter. Through motherhood I found meaning to an extent I never thought I would. I realized I was spending countless energy on trying to be the person people expected me to be without really knowing where I wanted to go. And so my journey of self-discovery began.