My bright yellow brick road

The idea of this page arose when I was given the opportunity to salvage an old and abandoned blog I used to keep (details: How this page came to be).
The yellow brick road is of course a metaphor. For starters, it is that path to professional and personal success that we all seem to be constantly rushed through. That path that ends at the Royal Palace where all our questions will be answered and all our problems solved, only to find – once we get there – that the all-powerful wizard is nothing but a fraud.
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! he said.
There should be no curtain.
On another level, my bright yellow brick road is the path I choose for myself. One where I can stop to smell the flowers growing along the roadside. One that doesn’t go upwards, but inwards. One that is not built from comparison but from self-awareness.
I spent years drifting. Going where the rest were going, where I was told to go, along the well-travelled road. Go to college, get a degree, then another one. Find a job, then a better one.
Then my daughter came and my world was turned upside down. I found true meaning in motherhood. I realized that happiness is a journey, not a destination. My bright yellow brick road does not exist, I build it one brick at a time for as long as I live. It takes me where I need to go and it changes course whenever it has to.
Every individual is unique. We can’t all be going to the same place.
So where is your road taking you now?