Hello, stranger

And welcome to my page. Please feel free to look around. Wish I could offer you a cup of tea to make it worth your while.

Allow me to introduce myself: You can call me N.

I am many things. A proud wife and mother, a friend, a researcher, a student, an expat, a woman, a nerd, a seeker, a writer, a reader, an old soul, a little sister. You can read a bit about me here.

I write for myself, for my journey is one of introspection. My yellow brick road is an inward spiral, and through my words I hope to find my true nature. But now you found your way here. Did I invite you? Perhaps I want to show you who I am. Or more precisely, who I have become. Have we met before? Motherhood has changed me in so many ways, I may not be the person you remember.

In any case, roam free. And if you feel you have something to say, please do so.